Get a Mentor, Skip the Learning Curve, Become Wealthy, Quit Your Job and Truly Be FREE!

I Did It. YOU Can Do It. And I Will Show You How.


This is a LIMITED AVAILABILITY VIP Apprenticeship Program.  I do not work with just anyone and I reserve the right to deny any application for mentorship according to my parameters. 

Why Should You Do This?

If you’re struggling to make ends meet.  If you want to make more and work less.  If you want to provide for your friends and family.  If you’re tired of sacrificing to pay bills.  If you want to travel the world.  If you want a better quality of life.  If you’re sick of the worry and desperation you feel trying to survive in a constantly changing economy.  If you just want to be FREE.

Whatever your reasons for wanting financial freedom, you have come to the realization that you need to make this change.  You need to learn the true path to freedom so you can be more fruitful in all aspects of your life.  The Smartest, Fastest and Absolute BEST way to do that is through Real Estate.  Period.

The TRUE Secret To My Success…

I attribute probably half of my success to MY original mentor in real estate, Preston, whose biggest service to me was showing me what is truly possible.  I would never have believed I could achieve this level of success had I not first witnessed it in his life with my very own eyes.

He does the EXACT same thing I will be teaching you to do and he is on track to making 11 million dollars this year.

Preston has a couple of employees and spends zero dollars on marketing.  While he is a bit flashy with his BMW 7-Series, Range Rover and his 3.2 million dollar mansion, the most important thing is that he wakes up every single day whenever he wants to and chooses to work whenever he feels like it.  By the way, he’s only in his mid-thirties.

If he can do it, and I can do it and my students can do it … Isn’t it time to start BELIEVING that YOU can too?

Wanna BE a Millionaire?  Start ASSOCIATING with Millionaires.

Ever hear the saying, “You are what you eat?”  It is a well-documented fact that the Top 5 people you surround yourself with are the ones you become most like.  So, if you are striving to become wealthy, why would you surround yourself with folks who aren’t? 

“He who dwells with the wise will be wise …”  “He who dwells with the prosperous will be prosperous …”

The more successful people you are exposed to, the more successful you will become.  By hanging around with those who have achieved true levels of freedom and success, like my friends and I, you are opening yourself up to levels of learning you never knew existed.  And the very best way to break onto these new success levels is to COPY AND LEARN FROM A SUCCESS MENTOR.

Get Coached Across The Finish Line!

“If you see someone doing something you can not do, they simply know something you don’t … So LEARN it!”

You can read all the books you want and attend all the seminars in the Universe but without personal guidance and support from someone who is already where you want to be, you will have a very difficult time.  I know I sure did!

One thing I teach my students is “Less work … More money.”

Does that sound like something you can handle?  I don’t know about you, but I want to LIVE.  I like to GO PLACES.  I like to HELP PEOPLE and BE AVAILABLE for those I love.  I like to GO TO THE BEACH and just FLOAT AROUND IN THE WATER bronzing my skin and sucking down a fresh glass of lemonade. 

Are You an Experienced Wholesaler Looking to Take it To the Next Level?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced wholesaler, my point is the same.  You can spend all you want on education BUT you need to learn DIRECTLY from someone who is already successful.  I had spent 5 years reading books, attending seminars, making offers and talking to everyone I knew about Real Estate.  I was turning very few deals and spending more money just trying to make it all work.  It wasn’t until I came under the wing of a VERY successful wholesaler in an apprenticeship-type relationship (very similar to the one I will be providing YOU with) that I finally started making money.  And I do mean, serious moola!

Okay … Just What IS a Wholesaler Anyways?

A Real Estate Wholesaler is anyone who puts a property under contract and then turns around and either assigns or resells that property.  The wholesaler gets the property at a low enough price where he can quickly resell or assign the contract.  They make sure to leave enough room for the buyer to fix up the property and sell it for profit.  And we ALWAYS leave lots of room for the next guy.  That’s what keeps us in business! 

Basically, you track down motivated sellers of real estate, make low offers and then once you have secured a good deal, you sell the house or the contract for a profit.  It’s not rocket science but it DOES take some effort and education to be successful at it.  If you make it in as one of my students, I can also show you how you can make big piles of cash at once with rehabbing for profit. 



I have rambled on enough so here it is.  Pay CLOSE attention because this is NOT like a regular “coaching” program …

What It Is NOT: 

classes, seminars, homework, guesswork, confusion, etc.

What It IS:    

A one-on-one apprenticeship/partnership with Yours Truly for 12 months.  We are basically just doing business together.

What You Get:

1.  A Free Copy of my best-selling ebook

It contains EVERYTHING you would ever need to know about this business.  No joke, it’s pretty in-depth.


2.  Bi-Weekly “Success Tip” Emails From Me Delivered Straight to Your Inbox

Seriously?  This one thing alone is worth the cost of admission!  These are very personal insights from me containing the REASONS for my personal and business success.  All my core beliefs, thoughts, strategies will be yours to implement.  Simply do the exact same things that I do and see what happens.


3.  Lead Analysis and Support … Access to Me and My Team!

This is the core of my service to you.  I’ll help you determine value, make offers, make counter offers and expedite transactions.

You will have top-dog, heavy hitters of the industry (us) reviewing all your leads, telling you what’s good and bad about them, telling you what the houses are worth, giving you the offer amounts, helping you CLOSE the deals, watching over you, and MAKING SURE YOU MAKE ACTUAL REAL MONEY IN THE PROCESS.  We will take you step-by-step through all of your deals.

Most people make zero dollars their first year in Real Estate.  You will not be most people.

You even get access to MY title company.  They work nationwide and let me and my students do what we want.  More and more today, title agencies are NOT allowing assignable contracts and are getting even more strict.  Skip the hunting and just use mine.

4.  Periodic VIP Group Mastermind/Training Sessions

The replays of these calls are available in the membership site that you will learn about in a moment. 

These calls are a time for all of us to brainstorm, share ideas, chit chat, tell success stories, help each other, etc.  This is my inner circle.  Welcome.


5.  “Ask the Expert” Submissions

Unlimited “Ask the Expert” Question Submissions!  Post your questions and I answer them.  Plain and Simple.  Regular people email me questions every day and I never answer them.  You Are About to Be Irregular.  Congratulations.


What You Will Learn:   EVERYTHING.  How to negotiate deals, what deals are good, what deals are bad, how to determine value, how to get things sold quickly, how to do things risk-free, how to expedite closings and much, much more.  How to BE THE BEST.  By the end of 12 months, you will know how to do what I do. 


How Much Time Does It Take On a Weekly Basis?:    As much time as you have to put into it.  I started myself part-time while I had another full-time job.  I would then work it full-time whenever I could afford to do so.  I have other students who have done the same.


How Much Access Will You Have To Me?:    Pretty much unlimited … within reason.  You will have my private personal email that I check a billion times a day.


What Work Is Involved On Your Part?:    At first, the only thing you need to worry about is finding leads (motivated sellers).  My book has plenty of information to get you started in this regard.  Be Creative!  Everyone’s preferred method of lead generation is different.  You’ll learn the rest as we go.

Finding leads, by the way, is the easy part.  It’s what to do with them that takes a bit of learning.


Where Will We Get the Money To Buy Houses?:    We will be assigning contracts which does not require any money.  If a deposit is required, we will supply it.  All financial obligations rest on my shoulders, not yours.  Heck of a nice way to start, eh?


Who Is Responsible For Selling the Properties?:    You are (under our guidance).  I will assist you in building a buyer’s list and with marketing locally in the most effective manner possible.


Who Is Responsible for Escrow Deposits on Properties?:    I will put up all deposits.


Where Will The Closings Be?:    At my Title Company.


THE INVESTMENT:    There’s a small investment up front and we split profits 50-50 for as long as you want to continue sending leads to us (Minimum of 5 Transactions).

How much do you think another Real Estate Coach is going to help you in your efforts to get your deals CLOSED (as in, “check your bank account” CLOSED) when they have no interest in the deal?  We are going to make sure your deals close because YOUR deals are OUR deals!

SIDE NOTE:  50% of profits is extremely generous.  If you bring a lead to any other Wholesaler, they will give you $500.  I will be giving you more like $5,000 to $20,000 per deal AND teaching you an industry in the process.  I have a friend who spent $20,000 for just his mentoring!


Why Am I Doing This In The First Place?:    Aren’t I just creating competition for myself?  I sure am.  Ask me how much I care.  There is SO much business out there that it just doesn’t matter.  You need to think like that as well or else your chances of succeeding are nil.  I started out knowing NOTHING and I was finding deals making $20,000, $35,000, $50,000.  The market was FLOODED with investors, and it still is.  The point is, it just doesn’t matter.  There will always be more deals than there are investors.


Honestly, I’m doing this to make you and me a lot of money in a win-win situation. 



Is There Anyone Who I DO NOT Want In This Program?

 YES!  I refuse to work with a single negative person.  Life is too short and I do not allow negativity into my life.  If you are skeptical, then let us part ways right here.  I simply will not allow that into my space.  I have plenty of money as it is so I can choose to be adamant. 

If you enjoy kicking your cat, arguing with neighbors, raining on everyone’s parade or popping toddler’s balloons, that is your business but please leave me out of it.  There will not be one single sour-minded person on this exclusive team.  Maybe you have good reason to be mad at the world, but I’m here to help!  Last time I checked I was definitely not a punching bag.


If you DO want my help, are determined to achieve financial freedom and can be nice and friendly in the process, then …


There You Have It.  There’s no better to get started in Real Estate.  PERIOD. 

Looking back on my start, if I had to do it over again I would have paid 50 thousand dollars to have access to the coach/partner I had.  There is NO WAY that I could have gotten a quick start in Real Estate without him.  No Way.  And he didn’t even do HALF of the things that I’m going to do for you.

Who Else Wants to Make Boatloads of Cash in the Next 30 – 60 Days?

I absolutely adore all of my students and I make sure to take very good care of them.  I even give them a lot of my own leads to work once they know what they are doing.

Here is what a typical transaction will look like for you:

1.  You get an incoming call from some of the super cheap marketing that I have instructed you to do.

2.  You will fill out a simple lead sheet that I have given you up front.

3.  You tell the prospect, ” Great.  I’ll look into this and get back to you right away.”

4.  You email the lead sheet to me and I take it from there.

5.  I look at the deal and tell you what makes it good or bad, what you need to offer or why we need to pass on it, help you write up the contract and walk you through every single step of the deal until we have sold it and make at LEAST $10,000 (or as much as $50,000 or more), which we split at the time of closing.

6.  The title company will send or wire you your 50% of the deal directly.

We do enough of these deals and you will have made A LOT of money and learned an industry in the meantime. 

I look forward to working with you and being used by God to help you realize the success that you were put on earth to achieve.


P.S.    All successful people have one thing in common … They Act.  They are quick to act and slow to change that decision. 

You need a coach and you know it.  Ask any successful Real Estate Investor or Wholesaler if they had a mentor and they will ALL tell you “Yes.”  Stop trying to beat the world on your own.  THAT’S Impossible!  Investing in yourself will always pay dividends a thousand times over.  You’re worth it my friend.  Let’s get started.